Tranzsend Missionaries

Kerry and Annie Hilton

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Working in South Asia

Kerry and Annie Hilton from Freeset.

Kerry and Annie began their work in South Asia in 1999 to live and work amongst the poor. Naively, they signed up for an apartment in the middle of the day. It was only when Kerry was taking a walk at night that he discovered they had moved into the largest red light area in the city. Their new neighbours were thousands of women forced into prostitution by trafficking and poverty.  They realised that to make a difference they would require a business alternative to bring freedom for these women. Through it the women could be trained with new skills, offered legitimate work and empowered with life-skills for freedom. After experimenting with different products and testing the market, they decided to make jute bags for export.
Freeset opened its doors in 2001. Twenty women were brave enough to trust a couple of foreigners and seize the opportunity to leave the sex trade. Sine then the company has gone from strength to strength. Whilst cotton and jute bags and fair-trade organic tees are produced, its mission statement is clear on its true purpose: In business for freedom. Check out the video below for more info.
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Kerry and Annie have now moved 4 hours north of Calcutta to Bhearmpor, Murshidobad to start a prevention business. They realised that it woudl be much better if they could reach the families and women with an alternative to prostitution before they found themselves trapped by it. They are currently working with a local couple, Bashir and Ayiesha, in the village of Valkundi to build relationships with the locals and set up the business. They also plan to have a resource hub for other missionaries and agencies wanting to work in the area.