Hole in the Gospel Response




Below are some ways that we as a church are responding to the Hole in the Gospel series, and how you can be involved in making a difference in the life of someone in need.















The Totals keep Rising!

Congratulations to Dilys Fong and friends who raised over $800 for FreeSet with her benefit concert!

Congratulations Ryan, Naomi and Kate for completing the Taupo Half-Marathon and raising over $2700 for Water Wells in the Pacific!

Naomi & Kate Taupo half marathonNaomi Ryan and Kate before Run

You can give to any of these ministries in the regular offering, through direct debit, internet banking, or by stopping in to the office. The above donations are just suggested amounts and you may donate any amount. These donations count towards your tax rebate. For more information on how to give to these ministries, please contact the office (09) 444-7863.