His Kids

Woohoo! You Found His Kids  and we are so glad you did!

His Kids is for Years 1 to 6 and takes place during our Service.


His Kids This Week!


How do I share my Faith with those who don’t know God?

Every week we meet, we start our time with some fun activities for about 10 mins and then we gather with a group game. We then celebrate birthdays and new people, so hopefully you felt welcomed today!

Then we learn a bit about God  and do some activities to help remember what we’ve learnt. At the end we head upstairs where there will be a drink and fruit for you and where our adult mentors greet their kids and ask about their weeks. During the week, your parents will get an email with what we did and some ideas to do as a family. Hope to see you again and pray that God will show you His ways!