We have three primary groups of leaders at Glenfield Baptist Church; Elders, Staff, and Board Members


GBC’s elders are volunteer leaders who have been elected by the congregation to provide spiritual oversight and direction as well as pastoral care to the church.

The Bible describes elders as “shepherds” as they are entrusted with the protection, guidance and caring for the church. They do this through prayer, practical serving and visiting those in need.

Our elders are:

Dilys Pearson

Dilys Pearson


Dilys has been a member of GBChurch since 1990. She has held various roles over the years from being involved in Children’s and Women’s ministry, to being on the Board and serving as an Elder earlier in the life of the church. Dilys currently serves as the Elder’s representative on the Church Board.

Dilys is passionate about prayer and young families, having a heart to meet people’s needs.

Being a widow, Dilys takes joy in her three children and three grandchildren and enjoys crafts and reading.

Ben Withy

Ben Withy


Ben (and his wife Brooke, and sons Rhys and David have been at Glenfield Baptist for five years. Ben has been an elder for the last three years, and is also involved in the preschool programme. Ben serves as the Elder’s representative on the Glenfield Action Trust.

Ben is a keen cyclist and rock climber, and when he has the time he works for the New Zealand Defence Force as a materials engineer.


Neil Chrighton

Neil Crighton


Neil and his wife Janet are both elders and have been at GBChurch for the past 33 years. During that time Neil has been involved in Boys Brigade, the youth ministry, and men’s ministry. Neil has been the Elders representative on the Board in the past, and serves as a trustee on the Glenfield Action Trust. Having a passion for rally cars, and other sports, Neil and his sons hope to one day make it to Bathurst.

Neil and Janet have seen a dream take shape as the Glenfield Action Trust launched their legacy housing project, seeing their two adult sons move into their own home as some of the first residents.

If you would like a visit from the elders, or have a sensitive issue or prayer request, you can contact the elders via email: elders@gbchurch.org.nz[/su_note]



Our staff and ministry leaders are the people who oversee the ministries of GBC. They may be paid or volunteer positions. Their primary role is to empower the volunteers to fulfill our purposes and our 5 G’s. We believe that God calls everyone in the church to minister in some form or another. The staff and ministry leaders are there to prepare and equip the church to fulfill our vision.

Our staff are:

Colin Hopkins (Senior Pastor)


Colin has been Senior Pastor at Glenfield Baptist Church for the past 16 years. His wife Glenda is heavily involved in the community arm of the church through the Glenfield Action Trust. Together they hope to bring the light of Jesus to people’s lives through meeting them where they are at, and seeking to empower them to overcome the obstacles in their lives.  Email Colin




Andrew Monk (Associate Pastor)

Andrew Monk (Associate Pastor)


Andrew joined Glenfield Baptist Church in 2010 as the Associate Pastor. He has been married for 11 years to his wife Anni, and has three sons, Owen (10), and 2 year old twin boys, Ruary and Cian. Andrew holds a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Religion from Cincinnati Christian University in the United States, and has a passion for seeing the church live out its faith in the community and in each believer’s life. Andrew plays Football for the local club Glenfield Rovers, enjoys most sports, and has an (un)healthy competitive streak. Email Andrew


Carol Bowers (Administration)


 Carol has been at GBChurch since 1999. She has been the office administrator for the past 7 years. Carol emigrated to New Zealand from South Africa with her husband Mark and two boys, Simon and Luke in 1998. Carol not only keeps the church functioning with her amazing administrative skills, she also serves as the office administrator for the Glenfield Action Trust. Carol loves spending time with her family, and in her garden. When Mark and the boys are out fishing, she fills her time lavishing attention on her cat.  Email Carol



Board Members:

 Our Board are elected volunteers from amongst the congregation and are responsible for the administrative direction and decisions for the church. An elders representative is appointed to the board to ensure the spiritual direction and administrative decisions are in harmony. 

Our Board Members are:

Boyet Quimba


Boyet, Sharon and their three boys (EJ, David and Paul)  migrated to New Zealand from the Philippines and began attending GBC in 2006.  Boyet  is an accountant by profession.  God has given his family a talent for music and they are giving it back to the Lord by being part of the praise and worship ministry of the church. He is also actively involved with the Friday home group.



Sweety Naik

Louise Jebb


Lawrence Fisher


Lawrence came to faith in 2010. Since then, along with his wife Kelly, and three enthusiastic boys, Lawrence has been engaged within church activities and is involved in the local community. A business leader himself, Lawrence is in regular contact with people across the country, and is ever mindful of doing his part for the Body of Christ and being the best ambassador for Christ that he can be.