Stop Boiling Jesus

I like the title of this blog I read this morning, which really hits on our tendency to turn Jesus into what we want him to be. We like to make Jesus comfortable for ourselves. We don’t like to be challenged with who Jesus really is or why he came. Reducing Jesus into something comfortable means that we can live our lives the way we want and never progress spiritually and never get involved with God’s work in the world. It also hinders our ability to share the TRUE message with others. Instead we share the message that allows people to continue to live their lives and think that they are following Jesus.



Along these same lines, this blog post challenges the idea that God has a plan for every detail in our lives. When we hold this kind of view it removes the choice and responsibilities that we have to work at the relationships in our lives. It allows us to avoid any blame that should be placed upon ourselves when something doesn’t work out right; we chalk it up to not being a part of God’s plan for our lives. While this may be true in some instances we tend to use this excuse far too much.

It is time for us to give up pop theology and really start to see Jesus for who he is and to recognise what God’s plans for our lives really are: Jesus came to glorify the Father and to do his will and God’s plan for our lives is to become more like Christ. As the blogger says, “The rest is frosting.”